Brandon College Building

The Brandon College building is one of the oldest buildings in Brandon, Manitoba. The original Brandon College building was designed by Winnipeg architect Hugh McCowan and completed in 1901. Initially, it held residences and classrooms, as well as a chapel.

Old Brandon College Building.png

Brandon College Building (left) and Clark Hall (right) – Courtesy of the S.J. McKee Archives. ca 1909

Constructed out of locally produced brick and Manitoba limestone, the building features elegant arches and has a Romanesque appeal. Reconstruction occurred in 1995, gutting the inside of the building while preserving the exterior structure. The revitalization created a comforting atmosphere with the dominant use of wood and a calm green tone on the main level. The distinct and unique historic design of the building was ultimately preserved through the reconstruction.

Today, the building is part of Clark Hall and houses Brandon University’s Faculty of Arts. It was declared a provincial heritage site on January 9, 1992.

clark hall 1.jpeg

Brandon College Original Building (Clark Hall can be seen to the far right) – Photograph by Ryann Lewis, 2018

For more information, consult Brandon College: A History, 1899-1967, by C.G. Stone and F. Joan Garnett. This book can be found at the SJ McKee Archives or the John E. Robbins Library at Brandon University.