Flora Cowan Hall

Flora Cowan Hall is a female-only residence built in 1963. It was named for the influential Flora Cowan, Dean of Women at Brandon College.

Flora cowan hall (from the northeast), 1970 - brandon university photograph collection (BUPC 2.1.18), S.j. Mckee Archives.

Flora Cowan Hall (from the NE side), 1970 – Brandon University Photograph Collection (BUPC 2.1.18), Courtesy of the S.J. McKee Archives

The residence is composed of three floors, as well as a basement. Fully furnished rooms, available in single or double occupancy, line the halls of this functional building.

The construction of this residence came during a pivotal period when there was a push for education for women. Flora Cowan Hall helped women pursue their education while living on campus.

Flora Cowan Hall (from the south), 2018 - Paula Mason.

Flora Cowan Hall (from the south), 2018 – Photograph by Paula Mason