Voter Ballot Box


Location: SJ McKee Archives, Brandon University

This box was used by the Brandon Ladies Auxiliary #112 of the United Commercial Travelers of America (UTC) as a ballot box for elections and to decide motions.

It is made from a cigar box and has a Benson & Hedges emblem. The voting ballots were painted white balls of unknown composition and origin (possibly bone), and the painted black cubes are also of unknown composition and origin. 

Typically, the voting box and balls were used for electing new members for the auxiliary or making donations or other decisions. Voting with a white ball meant you were in favour of a candidate or motion; voting with a black ball or cube indicated opposition. The organization used this voting system from their inception in 1937 until the chapter closed in 2007. Also, in some of the photos are several badges with ribbons worn by the executive members. 

When the UCT Auxiliary closed, the S. J. McKee Archives at Brandon University received a donation of the voting box, voting balls, and other memorabilia used during their 70-year lifespan from Bernice Nerbas, Senior Counsellor, on behalf of the organization. 

Research and description by Mackenzie B.