Remembering Ste. Madeleine, Manitoba: A Metis Community

by BU Public History Student

Ste. Madeleine was a Metis community formed in 1902 by Jules DeCorby. The community thrived and was home to over two hundred people and had a school, church and post office.

Community members gathered behind Beliveau School, which no longer exists, ca early 1900s; Courtesy of the Manitoba Museum.

In 1935 the federal government passed the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Act, which deemed some lands unsuitable for communities. Those living there were forced from their homes, and few received restitution. By 1939, Ste. Madeleine was burned to the ground, and community members fled the area.

This kiosk commemorates the history of Ste. Madeleine with a plaque, 2019, Courtesy of Gordon Goldsborough.

Today, a cemetery and a church kiosk remain where the vibrant community once stood.

During Metis Days, a fur display is among the many activities  that take place; image date 2019; Courtesy of the Manitoba Metis Federation.

Every summer, families, community members, and organizations return to Ste. Madeleine for Metis Days, to celebrate and remember Metis culture, people and the history of the community.

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