The Red River Flood of 1979

The Red River flood of 1979 should have been even more devastating than the infamous flood of 1950, but because of the Red River Floodway and ring dikes protecting rural areas, it was one of the least harmful major floods in Manitoba history.

The Daly Overpass

The 59-year-old Daly Overpass has long been a part of the history of Brandon, Manitoba. It is a major access point in Brandon and is considered the city’s primary traffic route.

The Chinese Head Tax

Chinese immigrants came to Canada to help build the Canadian Pacific Railway. Soon after the CPR was completed, federal authorities passed the Chinese Exclusion Act. A “head tax” of $50 applied to all Chinese people wishing to migrate to Canada.

Some Manitoba Grain Elevator Trivia

Grain elevators played a critical role in grade trade history. For a century and a half, farmers have been bringing their grain to elevators to be shipped by rail out of their communities to market. Here is some trivia about some Manitoba grain elevators.