The Brandon Zoo, an Attraction of the Past

by Brianna Doerksen

The Brandon Zoological Gardens was an exciting attraction in Brandon, Manitoba, in the 1950s and 1960s. It was located at what is now known as the Provincial Exhibition Grounds in the city.

The Brummund boys visiting the Brandon Zoo with their family in 1957; Courtesy of Dave Brummund.

Visitors came from all over the province to enjoy its menagerie of prairie animals it held. The zoo was educational and entertaining and provided different learning opportunities.

A deer from Assiniboine Park Zoo is welcomed to her new home at the Brandon Zoo, 5 Nov 1960; Courtesy of the Winnipeg Free Press.

The Brandon Zoo enjoyed positive relationships with other zoos across the prairies, buying, selling, and exchanging animals with them. Sadly, the zoo closed in June 1962 due to insufficient finances to support its continued maintenance.

Former site of the zoo shows no trace of the once-popular attraction, 27 January 2023; Photographer: Brianna Doerksen.

Currently, the old grounds are still being used as entertainment space in the city. All sorts of events occur in the now-treed pastureland, such as carnivals, runs, and much more. Many community activities take place there in the summertime.

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