Some Manitoba Grain Elevator Trivia

by Jessica Berard

Grain elevators played a critical role in grade trade history. For a century and a half, farmers have been bringing their grain to elevators to be shipped by rail out of their communities to market.

The Oldest Grain Elevator in Manitoba

In 1878, the first grain elevator was built in Niverville, Manitoba. It can be seen here on the far right. The other two elevators came later and show how elevator design changed over the years.  

A View of the Niverville Elevators, 1911; Courtesy of Grain Elevators of Canada.

An Ambitious Move

Like the grain it shipped for decades, the Manitoba Pool elevator eventually took its own journey in 2004 from its original home in La Riviere when it was relocated to Somerset, Manitoba:

The La Riviere elevator was moved the 20 miles between La Riviere and Somerset in November 2004 by Minty’s Moving. The elevator, annex, bins and office were moved separately (see photo from Minty’s Moving). The 160′ tall, 280 tonne grain elevator was moved in one piece. The entire process took eight days.

Source: “Somerset,” Grain Elevators of Canada

The owner of the Somerset grain elevator bought the elevator from La Riviere as it was still in good condition.  

Manitoba Pool grain elevator at La Riviere, 1995;
Courtesy of the SJ McKee Archives.

Important Sites of History and Memory

The grain elevators at Inglis, Manitoba are now a National Historic Site. Today, only four out of the five original elevators are still standing.

Inglis Grain Elevators, 2002; Photographer: George Penner;
Courtesy of the Manitoba Historical Society.

This photo was taken before the structures were repainted and restored.

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