The Daly Overpass

by Dannah Phoebe Sagun

The 59-year-old Daly Overpass has long been a part of the history of Brandon, Manitoba. It is a major access point in Brandon and is considered the city’s primary traffic route.

An aerial photograph of the old Daly Overpass, ca. 1963; Courtesy of the SJ McKee Archives.

The bridge is strategically situated to cross the CP Rail Mainline and is an important component of the city’s extensive road system. However, to improve traffic flow and address the city’s growing traffic problem, Manitoba Infrastructure needed to upgrade the overpass.

Ongoing construction of the new Daly Overpass, 28 January 2023; Photographer: Dannah Phoebe Sagun.

To make way for the New Daly Overpass, some things had to be sacrificed, including the old historic buildings and businesses in the area. Moreover, the adjustment commuters will take while the construction is ongoing.

The new Daly Overpass as of January 28, 2023; Photographer: Dannah Phoebe Sagun.

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